Coltivia's know-how

Coltivia’s business focuses on two key areas: the production and marketing of aerosol food products under the Cook in Spray and Cocotine brand names and the production of aerosol food products (egg spray, lemon juice, etc.) for multiple industrial client brands.

Cook in Spray

Coltivia is a leader in made-to-order products. Thanks to our two production lines, our in-house test lab and our R&D line for innovations and pre-series production, Coltivia’s site is equipped to respond to any request from our clients to fill aerosol cans with our food products.


Mastery of technology developed for and adaptable to any need 

Coltivia Cook in Spray uses recognized, patented technology. The company possesses a real capacity for development, innovation and responsiveness thanks to our dedicated team and our different production lines.


Mastery of food safety 

Coltivia Cook in Spray products comply with advanced safety standards and the production site is IFS certified. All our sprays are made solely with non-flammable food-grade gases (CO2, N2O and N2) to ensure their optimal, safe operation.

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